Nondas Vlachopoulos (GR)

Masterclass: One Bake Technique

Demonstration workshop of firing ceramics in a single step for professionals

4,5 hours – 380 €

Nondas is an internationally renowned master dental technician. He continues to inspire people in the industry through his teachings and courses.

Certain people around the world get to be known only by one name; Sting, Prince … and Nondas is one of them!

Over the past few years, Nondas has travelled the world extensively, spreading his knowledge and leaving a trail of happy, driven and inspired dental technicians behind him.
His love for the art and science of dental technology is witnessed and admired at his courses and recently undertaking the most challenging of tasks, the “Live Patient Case”, which leaves participants wondering what just happened, and words to the effect of “how the hell can he do that in just one bake and nail it? !”.

People leave his courses with a complete overdose of knowledge, inspired to continue striving for excellence.

Milos Miladinov (RO)

FDW – Full digital workflow – Live patient course

4,5 hours – 300 €

Learn to use 100% digital workflows!

  • Presenting concept FDW
  • Intraoral scanning of the patient with MEDIT
  • Face scanning of the patient with AFT
  • Designing veneers for the patient in EXOCAD
  • Printing of the veneers for mock-up with SHERAprint30
  • Portrait and close-up photos of patient

Using high end technology to achieve 100% predictable plan that patient will accept much easier. We will use intraoral scanner, face scanner and create perfect 3D simulation and print the result to make a functional and aesthetic mock-up.

We will go through all steps like rubberdam, cords, prepping guides and lectures about perfect preps. In the end we will take digital impression and start design integration from planning day. We will talk about material choice depending on restoration types.

Realizing veneers and crowns according to planning we did, techniques of achieving perfect fit of restorations. Cementation protocols and techniques using adequate cements according to type of restorations we have.

Róbert Zubák (SK)

As I see it today

3,5 hours – 276 €

Demonstration workshop focused on the work with all-ceramics made on CAD/CAM.

MUDr. Josef Kunkela, Ph.D. (CZ)

Digital implantology

3,5 hours / 380 €

The workshop is designed for all dentists who want to start implantation, or for new implantologists, who want to involve more digital technologies in their workflow.

  • Analysis of the initial situation and diagnostics
  • CBCT image quality
  • Intraoral scanning techniques and their importance in implantology
  • Digital diagnostic wax-up
  • Crown-Down planning of the implant and abutment position
  • Types of surgical templates for navigation
  • Template design and production methods
  • Navigated implant placement into the jaw model
  • TiBase, multiunit or individual abutment
  • Fully anatomical and compound crowns placed on implants and their material options

MUDr. Martin Lebeda (CZ)

Production of overlay in posterior section

3 hours – 220 €

The workshop is intended for dentists and dental technicians – beginners or intermediate users to broaden their basic knowledge.

  • Specifics of preparation for CAD/CAM restorations – quality control and preparation accuracy using CEREC software
  • Intraoral and extraoral scanning techniques
  • Efficiency and organization of work with digital impression
  • Transfer of the digital impression data into in-office milling unit, milling centre or 3D printer
  • Difference between the in-office CEREC software and the laboratory inLab software, mutual communication and interconnection, indication possibilities of the software versions
  • Software design options: training of the techniques of Biogeneric Individual, Copy and Reference
  • In-office 3D printers – production of the sectioned working models, production of mock-up models, surgical implant templates, bite splints etc.
  • Setting of milling parameters for individual indications
  • Specifics and algorithms of milling using 3-axis (MCXL) and 5-axis (MCX5) milling unit
  • CAD/CAM material options for milling and printing
  • Working with a virtual articulator – an occlusal compass
  • Finishing & Polishing of milled works, glazing and colour individualization
  • Bonding techniques and insulation of the working area

MUDr. Petr Hajný (CZ)

Intraoral scanners for general dental practice

2,5 hours – 100 €

Demonstration workshop focused on the work with intraoral scanners.

Why we cannot say that one intraoral scanner is better than the other? I will show you the work with three different intraoral scanners with which I usually work in my practice (3Shape Trios, Cerec Primescan, Cerec Omnicam). I will show you what is the difference in scanning accuracy with different techniques and indications. You can test all scanners on a live model at the workshop and decide which of the tested devices will be the ideal choice for your dental practice.

MDDr. Ondřej Masák (CZ)


3 hours – 116 €

The workshop is intended for all orthodontists who are considering the purchase of an intraoral scanner and those who have already purchased the scanner and want to expand its use in practice.

  • Digital scanning versus conventional impression taking
  • Processing of the 3D model and preparation for printing
  • Orthodontic analysis
  • Monitoring of the patient´s treatment
  • Digital setup and simulation of the treatment
  • Export and production of orthodontic appliances on 3D models
  • Advanced options in the programme Ortho-Analyzer
  • In-house production of foil brackets
  • Indirect bonding by digital way
  • Export and subsequent processing

MUDr. Michal Bumbálek (CZ), Angelo Cankja (AL)

Plane system & Face hunter & Digital workflow

3 hours–  0 €

Dealing with accuracy, reliability and productivity is a challenge for all teams. Angelo Cankja, SDT, CAD/CAM expert at Zirkonzahn Worldwide, together with MUDr. Michal Bumbálek (ONEDENT s.r.o.), will explain the modern concept of Computer Dental Diagnostic. By demonstrating patient cases, he will perform an in-depth analysis of the latest state-of-the-art devices for a smooth, individual workflow, from digital patient analysis to the final restoration. They will show the a revolutionary approach to capture the patient’s reference planes and to reproduce 1:1 analogue data into the software with no loss of information through a photo-realistic 3D digitalisation of the patient’s face, resulting in a 100% individual and reproducible restoration. This method permits to work on the always-accessible virtual patient reducing the error rate and the number of meetings at the practice.