Nondas Vlachopoulos, CDT (GR)

Nondas Vlachopoulos is an internationally renowned master dental technician. He continues to inspire people in the industry through his teachings and courses.

Certain people around the world get to be known only by one name; Sting, Prince … and Nondas is one of them!
Over the past few years, Nondas has travelled the world extensively, spreading his knowledge and leaving a trail of happy, driven and inspired dental technicians behind him. His love for the art and science of dental technology is witnessed and admired at his courses and recently undertaking the most challenging of tasks, the “Live Patient Case”, which leaves participants wondering what just happened, and words to the effect of “how the hell can he do that in just one bake and nail it?!”.
People leave his courses with a complete overdose of knowledge, inspired to continue striving for excellence.

Nondas Vlachopoulos was born in Toronto, Canada. After moving to Greece, he graduated from the school of dental technology in 1985. He then acquired a BSc Hons from the School of Dental Technology of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens (1989). In 1990, he established his own dental laboratory “AestheticLab” in Athens. Since 2001, Nondas has been Opinion Leader for Ivoclar Vivadent, Noritake Dental and MPF Brush Co. in Greece. Since May 2014 he is an editorial reviewer at the AACD’s Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (jCD). Nondas specializes in aesthetic all-ceramic and implant restorations and collaborates with the Dental School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and its postgraduate programs of Dental Prosthodontics and Dental Surgery. Nondas has organized many seminars in Greece, USA, South America and many counties within the European Union.
He has participated with presentations in congresses, and he has also published articles in Greek and foreign Dental Technology journals.

Perfecting Anterior All-Ceramic Full Coverage Restorations: A Step-by-Step Approach

Workshop – Masterclass: One Bake Technique

4,5 hours – 380 €

Ass. Prof. Marko Jakovac, DMD, MSc, PhD. (HR)

Assoc. Professor Marko Jakovac, DMD, MSc, PhD, graduated from the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1998. In 2000, he passed the state exam and obtained a license for independent work. In 2002, he began to specialize in prosthodontics. After receiving his Master of Science degree in 2003 and his PhD in 2008 he became a senior assistant at the Department of Prosthodontics of the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. Since 2009, Marko Jakovac is ass. Professor and has been a course instructor in the “Advanced Preparation Techniques in Fixed Prosthodontics” further education program at the Zagreb Dental School. In 2010, he was appointed head of the postgraduate student course “Aesthetics in Fixed Prosthodontics on Teeth and Implants”. In 2012, he became head of the undergraduate students course “Pre-clinical and Laboratory Fixed Prosthodontics”. In 2013, he received the Dean’s award for the best teacher at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and since 2015, he has been head of the undergraduate students course “Microscope in Dental Medicine”. Since 2015, he is assoc. professor at Dpt. of Fixed Prosthodontics and 2018 he was announced as a vice-dean for postgraduate studies at School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb.

Marko Jakovac is the author and co-author of several scientific papers and he has actively participated in numerous international conferences. He is a lecturer and training course instructor (KOL) at international meetings for Ivoclar Vivadent, Carl Zeiss and SironaDensply CAD-CAM. He is a vice president of Croatian Society of Minimal Intervention Dentistry and a member of the Croatian Prosthodontics Society, European Prosthodontics Society, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, Croatian Medical Association and the Croatian Dental Chamber. Moreover, he is the owner of the “Aesthetica” dental clinic and “Ae-vision” educational centre in Zagreb.

Complex digital restoration – digital protocol

MUDr. Josef Kunkela, Ph.D.

Doctor Kunkela is an innovative Czech dentist with extensive experience in prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, preventative care and dental marketing. He currently presents his research in Czech Republic, USA, Germany, France, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. He also organizes practical courses in prosthodontics and CAD/CAM dentistry in the Czech Republic. His studies are published in the dentistry journals Quintessenz, magazines CAD/CAM International, Dental Tribune and DentalCare.

2014      Member of SKYN Concept Team; Member of International Digital Smile Design Master Team; Member of Academy of Digital dentistry; Member of MicroVision Group
2012      CEREC Beta Tester; CEREC Implant Guide Beta Tester; Founder of Europien CAD/CAM Training Center in Jindřichův Hradec (Czech Republic) DENTALPOINT Academy
2009      International Certified CEREC Trainer (ISCD)
2004      Named president of Czech Dental Academy
2001      Named external teacher of the Prosthodontic Department at the Charles University Clinic of Dentistry in Hradec Králové
1999      Gained Second Degree Specialization in Prosthodontics
1999      Professional training at the Clinic of Dentistry-Prosthodontic Department of Wien, Austria
1998      Completed Germany Dental Chamber Practical Prosthodontic Training in  München and Leutkirch
1997      Started own private practice DentalPoint in Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic
1996      Finished First Degree Specialization in General Dentistry
1995      Fellow in Medical Faculty of Charles University Prosthodontic Department in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
1994-5  Study stay at School of Dentistry, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, USA
1993      Dentistry graduate of First Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Design driven by Function

Workshop – Digital implantology

3,5 hours –  380 €

Róbert Zubák (SK)

He graduated from a secondary medical school in 1991 as a dental technician. After 2 years of practice in the state dental laboratory he was a co-founder of a private dental laboratory, where he worked for more than 10 years. During this period, he pursued most of his free time to perfecting himself in his profession, especially in the field of ceramic restorations. He attended several foreign high-level training courses provided by top professionals. In 2002 he started a two-year residency in the USA. He worked in a private dental laboratory, cooperated with Ivoclar Vivadent and Captek, for which he held training courses at renowned dental exhibitions in the USA. After returning from the USA he worked as a dental technician for several years – consultant for Ivoclar Vivadent. At this position he lectured at many dental events in several cities around the world.
He has published in several journals at home and abroad. In his free time, he pursues to dental and artistic photography, drawing, oil painting and cooperates in publishing of a professional magazine.

…CAD/CAM? And what now?

Workshop – As I see it today (SK)

3,5 hours – 276 €

Milos Miladinov (RO)

2003: Specialized Dental Technician
2013: Licenced Photographer

  • Works in an own lab since 2003 – DentalTech Romania
  • Specialized in fixed prosthetics, all-ceramics and high-end esthetics
  • 20013: opens a dental training certer for technicians and doctors – Ugly Tooth Training Center
  • 2013: starts organizing dental photography courses with live cases and demos all over Europe
  • 2014: starts working for Cendres & Metaux promoting PEKKTON, a new generation of materials for implant suprastructures
  • 2015: becomes Ivoclar Vivadent ICDE partner and starts working as Wieland technical trainer for CAD/CAM-systems

FDW – Full digital workflow

Workshop – FDW – Full digital workflow – Live patiente course

4,5 hours –  300 €

Ivan Miletić,d.m.d. (USA, HR)


Magical all on 4 in continous progress

Dr. Stanko Miletić (USA, HR)

Dr. Stanko Miletic was born in Chicago Illinois USA in 1980.

He received his DMD degree from the University of Zagreb School of Dentistry. He completed his residency in oral surgery at the Clinic for Oral Surgery in Dubrava Hospital Zagreb and the school of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb. He focused his career mainly on implant surgery. He currently works as head of oral surgery in DCM Zagreb.

Magical all on 4 in continous progress

Dr. Sci. Zoran Vlahović (ME)

Dr Sci. Zoran Vlahović is a specialist in oral surgery. He was born on 19th August 1971 in Priština. He finished general dental studies at the Medical Faculty in Priština, department of dentistry, in 1997. Since 2010, he has been an oral surgery specialist.

He has gained his knowledge and skills in the field of implantology at the one-year practice at the Military National Academy in Belgrade and on courses in the region and abroad. Since 2013 he has been the one and only doctor of dental sciences in Montenegro in the field of dental implantology. He is an opinion leader and lecturer for Bredent implant system and the Company Planmeca in the field of three-dimensional radiology.

Behind the Bredent implant system, he has many years of experience in working with Straumann and Zimmer implant systems.

Guided implant placement – from CBCT analysis to CAD/CAM

MUDr. Petr Hajný (CZ)

Finished the Secondary Sanitary School in Karlovy Vary as a dental technician in 1997. Graduated from the Charles University in Prague in 2005. During the study of medicine worked as a dental technician. Since 2005 worked at the ASKLEPION – Clinic and Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in Prague (Czech Republic) as a specialist in aesthetic dentistry, CAD/CAM, and all-ceramic restorations. Since 2009, director of dental clinic DentInn s.r.o. in Prague. Since 2012, private practice EXI-GROUP s.r.o. in Prague. He was a Vice-President of Czech Society Of CAD/CAM Dentistry, member of the CZADE– Czech Academy of Dental Aesthetics. Works as a certified CEREC trainer for dentists and dental laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad. User and trainer for T-Scan technology. Author of a study: Long-term Functionality And Failure Of The Ceramic Veneers.

Monolithics aesthetics chairside

Workshop – Intraoral scanners for general dental practice

2,5 hours – 100 €

Marco Joseph Philip Tudts, DDS & MScD

Work experience

  • 2015–Present    Teacher and staff member Research Cluster Periodontology, Oral Implantology, Removable & Implant Prosthodontics Ghent University (Digital dentistry, 3D-guided surgery)
  • 1998–Present    Dentist with specific training in Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry and Master in Implantology and Periodontologie (MScD); General Director COSMIDENT Oral Design Center BVBA, Lier (Belgium)
  • 2008–Present    General manager & Course director: Look over shoulder Trainingcenter – OSMIDENT Oral Design Center, Lier (Belgium)
  • 2013 DSD Master course – DSD Mastercourse Christian Coachman
  • 2011–Present    Advanced Co-Axis Course
  • 2000–2004         Master Degree in Implantology and Periodontology (MScD) – New York Montefiore Medical Center, New York City (United States)
  • 1994–2010         Instructor-Consultant Post-Graduate Course In Aesthetic Dentistry, Catholic University Of Leuven, Leuven (Belgium)
  • 1986–1991         Dentist, Catholic University Of Leuven, Leuven (Belgium)


Several national and international presentations on Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry, implant Dentistry, Periodontologie and Complex Rehabilitation


Several publications on Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry, implant Dentistry, Periodontologie and Complex Rehabilitation

MUDr. Martin Lebeda (CZ)

Martin Lebeda is graduated dental technician as well as dentist. He founded based in GH PUPP in Karlovy Vary. During entire professional life, he is interested in complex dental reconstructions using fixed prosthetics and implantology. In his dental office and laboratory, he uses CAD/CAM technologies, extraoral and intraoral scanner, 3D printing and navigated implantology in connection with dental CT. He is a key expert in the laboratory and in-office system of Dentsply Sirona. He specializes in all-ceramic restorations, implantology and digitally produced removable prosthetics.

Concept inhouse dentistry

Workshop – Production of overlay in posterior section

3 hours – 220 €

Sean Wilkinson, DT (IT, UK)

Professional milestones
From 2019   Officially registered ITI-lecturer
From 2015   Dental Laboratory Steger, Brunico, Italy; Dental technician and course instructor, lecturer for Zirkonzahn at many international conferences
2014–2015   MK Dental Laboratory, London, United Kingdom; Dental technician and Crown & Bridge manager
2009–2014   Bite-Rite Dental Laboratory, London, United Kingdom

2011–2014   Diploma in Dental Technology at Lambeth College, London, United Kingdom
2009–2011   Diploma in Computer Games Design at Westminster College, London, United Kingdom
2006–2009   Diploma in Art and Design at Westminster College, London, United Kingdom

Plane System & Face Hunter

MDDr. Ondřej Masák (CZ)

2018: Key-opinion leader of 3Shape and Betatester of their products (Denmark)
2018: Assistant professor at the Orthodontic department of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
2017: Private orthodontic office Orto-DUO s.r.o. / Certification of specialist training in orthodontics
2016-2017: Orthodontic practice at OrtoVIZE – MUDr. Tomáš Hanzelka Ph.D.
2016: Postgraduate studies at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
2014-2017: Pre-exam preparation in orthodontics
2008-2013: 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, general dentistry

Digital orthodontics comprehensively (CZ)

Workshop – Digital orthodontics comprehensively

3 hodiny – 116 €

MUDr. Pavol Andel (SK)

He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Bratislava and since 2006 he has been working as a specialist in orthodontics. He leads a successful private dental office in Hlohovec. He also lectures – externally for the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Bratislava and lectures on both theoretical and practical dental courses. He is chairman of the civic association Zdravé ďasná (Healthy Gums) which realises the most successful preventive project for children in Slovakia – Dentalalarm.

2000 graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Bratislava
2003 certification of the 1st degree
2006 certification of the 2nd degree in jaw orthopaedics

MUDr. Michal Bumbálek (CZ)

2015 – present, postgraduate studies at Charles University
2002 – 2009 general dentistry at Masaryk University Brno

07/2009 – 12/2010 University Hospital U Sv. Anny Brno, Pekařská 53, Department of Restorative dentistry
08/2010 – 11/2012 long-term residency in private dental office MUDr. Ivan Třešňák, Italy, practice specialized in dental surgery, implantology and endodontics
11/2012 – present, private medical facility, Dental Center ONEDENT, co-owner of dental centre Excellent Dent

  • Member of the Czech Endodontic Society
  • Member of the German Endodontic Society
  • Member of ITI International Team for Implantology
  • Member of EAO (European Association for Osseointegration)

Plane System & Face Hunter

Benjamin Schick (DE)

  • Dental Technician, business administration for the HWK
  • 2012 Took over his parents’ laboratory in Kaufbeuren, Germany and integrated a dental milling center
  • Since 2012 international speaker in CAD/CAM for KaVo
  • Since 2014 study of Dental Technology at the Steinbeiss Hochschule Berlin, private practice in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Since 2015 National Speaker for VITA Zahnfabrik

Renaissance or innovation? Biomimetik with VITA ENAMIC

MUDr. Ivan Jezbera


…CAD/CAM? And what now?

Dragan Stolica

Komplexní digitální rekonstrukce – digitální protokol

Martin Holeček (CZ)

V roce 1996 ukončil střední zdravotnickou školu v Karlových Varech obor zubni technik.

Po čtyřleté praxi v českých laboratořích odcestoval do zahraničí.  Největší část svého profesního života strávil ve West Endu v Londýně, kde se specializoval na komplexní rekonstrukce nesené implantáty. Pracoval v řadě úspěšných soukromých laboratoří od pozice řadového technika až po vedoucího technika nejstarší soukromé zubní laboratoře ve Velke Británii.

Po návratu do České republiky zakládá v roce 2016 české frézovací centrum V roce 2017 získává s partnery z Velke Británie zastoupení protetické firmy Arum a zakládá evropské frézovací centrum Arum dental milling center CZ.

V dnešní době se věnuje pouze digitální výrobě stomatologických konstrukcí, a to v plném rozsahu všech protetických řešení.

Ing. Ondřej Kosnar (CZ)

Vzdělání: Technická Univerzita Liberec
Specializace: technologie, zpracování kovů a plastů
Současné zaměstnání: Microdent LAB s.r.o.
Pracovní pozice: výrobní ředitel
Předchozí praxe: zkušenosti z výroby a vedení výroby ve strojírenských firmách

Využití 3D tisku ve stomatologii – zkušenosti z praxe